Dent Time PDR

63: Week 1-3 PDR Life with COVID-19 (Special Guests)

April 2, 2020

In this episode, I flip flop interview times. Gives you a feel of now and then within just over 2 1/2 weeks of shut down.  How are pdr techs and companies coping with economy, lack of work and free time? Special guests: Matt Moore ( - Georgia), Doug Hillius (Dent Solutions - Seattle, WA), Vince D'Allesandro -Dents No More-  Orange County, CA) and Shane Rosas (All Out Dent - Los Angeles, CA 10% discount psd file download here  ⬇️ Details: 👍🔥 For the the most professional paintless dent repair training tutorials visit Need a professional, fast and seamless PDR website? Where I hang out:  ⬇️    Youtube : Dent Time main site: Sister Site: Dent Time PDR podcast: Facebook Page: https// Instagram: Dent Trainer FB Page: Get your special discount.  

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