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58: Top MTE Tool List | Blending Technique Explained | Events

January 23, 2020

In this podcast I call a few people and chat about tools, blending techniques, events  like "make it Rain" and the TDN Open House event. Also, the new site coming out this spring. Including some events and booths you need to see at 

Tools I recommend Getting at MTE

  • Bean bags
  • Ballon tips
  • Door lords (Anson PDR)
  • Flat bar (care point)
  • Stanliner killer whale tail / crane tools
  • Cold glue
  • Keco dead center tabs
  • Vip Tip collection
  • Glexo Sonic Tips
  • Ballistic tips (pee wee)
  • Chameleon tools
  • Root beer tabs
  • Tri Fecta glue gun
  • Hustle stick set up (carbon tech)
  • Double bend picks (ultra dent tools)
  • Tequila picks (Anson PDR)
  • Blending Hammer / Slide Hammer (fast PDR tools)
  • Slide hammer from B&D
  • Slide hammer made for cold glue (kiwi) at Anson
  • Carbon tech blending hammer
  • Newest hood stand from carbon tech
  • Edgy Tool accessories. (Tap down and covers)
  • A1 tools (reaper tools specifically)
  • Endeavor hammer

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