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41: Year of the PDR Handles and More

April 25, 2019

It needs to be said. Handles are such a bigger part of the PDR tool than one is aware of. The first thing you do when you grab for a dent tool, is see how the grip and feel of the tool is in your hand.

Hand fatigue if much more serious and we all should be aware of it. Better grip means less effort, more comfort and more control too.

PDR Tool companies haven’t made much more effort since they first began. Some are already pretty good. But what can they do to improve it?

Being in the paintless dent repair tool business demands constant improvement and innovation. It’s time for change or the little guys will be the ones climbing the PDR tool ladder.

Like individual PDR techs (John Highley) has created an overlay or replacement for the standard A1 and Tequila ratchet handles. They are often too small and uncomfortable for a normal PDR techs hand. So with his well made handle, it’ll not only improve the comfort but functionality of the tool even more. Plus more forgiving when it comes to the strain of your wrist and joints.

I go over other little topics and keep this podcast short. Let me know what you think about the handles? Do you think it’s time for change or you happy how most of them feel? 

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