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38: Tap Downs That Last | Stanliner Event Overview

April 4, 2019

In this episode, you'll learn how some of my favorite tap downs are a must have. Also some pointers how to approach big crowns and the sequence of PDR tapping down.

Also, I discuss the details about the latest seminar "A Dive Into Stanliner Tools" and touch about what to expect.

tools tips I mentioned and

Keco Training Glue Pulling 4-5 and their open hourse party the 5

Latest PDR Seminars and Open House's
Anson Open House Friday, April 19th in Fort Worth, TX

A Dive Into Stanliner Tools and Workshop / IMI EV April 25-26 and IMI EV Sat April 27 @ Dent Kraft in Minnesota 

PDR Repair Secrets Workshop / Seminar / IMI EV @ PDR Cananda in Alberta, Canada May 16-19

IMI EV Course @ Dent Time San Diego / Escondido Saturday, May 25.

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