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36: New Dent Tools and PDR Video Challenge

March 21, 2019

This episode started about nothing and turned into wishful thinking. I hope most of you can take me up on my challenge and create yourself a 1 minute video or less that explains the process of Paintless Dent Removal. 

Rules: Short, simple and interesting. Must post link to youtube and Instagram. Use hashtag #ssipdrvideo and tag me on instagram @denttime and @john_Highley Please upload your video as well on instagram.

PDR company with most likes in a month from this podcast wins 1 year to Dent Trainer, Dent Time OG Paddle and mystery prize. 

Tools Mentioned

Pivot Tips, ( Peewee Ballistic Tips (, Root Beer 2.0 tabs ( VIP Blending Tip

Special events:

Stanliner Tools – A Dive Into Stanliner Technique and Tools (April 25-26 and EV Course Sat 27) @ Dent Kraft in Minnesota

Keco – 2 day Glue Pull and 10th Anniversary (April 4-5)

Anson Open House (April 19 Sat Arlington, TX)

PDR Repair Secrets – & EV Course PDR Canada (May 16-18)

Dent Time EV IMI Course (Sat May 25)

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